Millennial Girl Looks Back


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We think that when the painting of this beguiling young lady was begun by Renaisssance master artist Johannes Vermeer way back in 1665, a backdrop of black velvet was terribly in vogue.

But we also think that if the same portrait were commissioned nowadays, both the person who paid for the artwork and his stylish young model would have insisted on a much more colorful background.

True? or not? You be the judge — and allow admirers of your chic new phone cover the chance o=—                                    n designs for a stylish upgrade. Measuring at 15.75″h x 15.25″w and with a handle length of 21.5”, these personalized tote bags are with 100% cotton sheeting. Add their reinforced handle stitching to the mix, and you got a reliable bag rich in both practicality and durability.

.: Material: 100%
.: Lightweight and compact
.: Handle Length: 21.5″ (54.61cm)
.: One size